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Project Description

But You Don’t Speak Our Language


Client: A $40 million private company looking to find a new right arm to open a new international market.

Office: New York & New Jersey

Challenge: Working with someone different from yourself forces you to grow. But in this case, our client was unable to fully recognize their needs, and was hesitant to hire a candidate who initially appeared to have a very different background from existing management. They were concerned that she would be unable to work successfully within the approach, terminology, and techniques of their business. We needed to create the solution, using Workplace Simulation, position profiling, and other intercession.

Hiring Solution: To break down the resistance of the owner of the company, we educated other influential members of management regarding the abilities of the candidate and the unique opportunities she represented. We sold management on the capabilities of the client by testing her with Workplace Simulation scenarios.


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Diana was an amazing candidate whose resume could not have been written better by Shakespeare himself. Her credentials were like those of a Rhodes Scholar. Working on the West Coast for a big name financial group, she could not have come more highly recommended. And most importantly, she had native familiarity with the new marketplace in terms of culture and language.

There was only one challenge for this client. The company was uncomfortable about hiring someone so outside the scope of their traditions and culture, but they needed this new market if they were to grow. I could tell that she was the key to that would unlock it for them. After the very first conference call with the owner, he said, “she’s smart, very smart, but I don’t feel like she fully understood me”. That was it, or so he thought.

We directly interceded with the CEO, explaining the need for new thinking, befitting the company’s new and necessary goal to go international. Profiling the dynamic talents the candidate possessed and the multifaceted needs of the position, I focused him on the fact that it’s possible for a first phone interview to not establish a needed rapport. We also pointed out the meteoric growth Diana could bring to the company if hired and her established pattern of success in the past. I explained that the only roadblock to moving forward was her potential boss, and his difficulty understanding how her background and experience would align with this new business segment. It was HSG’s challenge to explain this to the CEO, and we explained to him how the skillset and experience Diana brought to the table could make the company grow to heights it had never imagined.

The CEO spoke with the owner, and Diana was granted another (face-to-face) interview. Using our Workplace Simulation techniques to display her skills regarding real-world situations that arose in their business, Diana blew everyone’s socks off. She understood their business better than they did, and they quickly realized that.

She was the new face of where they wanted to go.

Since then she has been hired, promoted, and promoted again. The client’s entry into international manufacturing and markets has been smooth and successful. The company has acquired other companies, increased in size, and is well on its way to becoming a powerhouse in the industry.


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