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Project Description

Johnny Come Lately


Client: A $35 million private company with a somewhat autocratic owner looking to find someone who will grow a position which offered little advancement in the past.

Challenge: Trying to keep the best candidate in the bullpen when other opportunities beckoned, despite agreement of department heads to hire, owner demanded last say and procrastinated final decision.

Hiring Solution: Through our carefully developed and nurtured closeness and rapport with the candidate, we were able to overcome the negativity of any delays, maintain his interest, and effectuate his hiring.


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Hiring takes focus and drive. After a period of time you narrow to a few key candidates and then take action. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to coordinate the timing.

Mark was a top performer as a sales representative with over 12 years experience who was looking for that company which would appreciate his talent. He was gifted with NOT having a big ego, making him a rare find indeed. Mark was a “purple squirrel” who fit in above their highest expectations.

It took a series of weeks to complete the interviews and members of the senior staff recognized his personality and genuineness and wanted to make him an offer. Johnny, the owner of the company, rightfully wanted to have the final say, but he had a very busy schedule and was known for coming late to the party, if at all.

When Johnny was finally reached he said, “I won’t hire him until I meet him in person. Tell him to come back next week.” Mark was upset to hear the news and our client’s image was quickly fading. It was time to constructively intercede with both parties.

I reminded Johnny that Mark was looking at other offers, and he was likely to take another offer if we didn’t move. Meanwhile I maintained contact with Mark to keep him encouraged about the position. I told Mark that he had nothing to lose if he met with Johnny, emphasized many of the positives about the company, and explained that I was working to have the position reinvented to better address his needs and his talents.

“I’ll do it for you,” Mark said. He knew I was dedicated to him and wouldn’t fail him.

Next week Johnny was back and was duly impressed upon meeting Mark and Mark was hired. Since then Mark has had more successes in the company over the last two years than he did in his past 12 years and has broken sales records unheard of previously.

Mark’s talents and abilities have become fully recognized and appreciated both by the company and by Johnny. His work has all the meaning that he wanted it to have because it is what we dreamed together and what we created together.

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