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Project Description

Not Only What You Ask For, But Also What You Need


Client: A $38 million company which wanted to fill a Product Development position but did not want to recognize that it had greater needs in Logistics.

Challenge: In order to provide the best possible service for the client, we had to ensure they got both what they wanted, and what we knew they needed.

Hiring Solution
: We took the time to locate a true hybrid candidate — the best candidate at Logistics who also had significant success with Product Development thus making him the best overall candidate.


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Based on our Position Profiling techniques and deep involvement with the client, we knew that there was a critical need for Logistics help which was not being addressed.

Clients sometimes ask us to jump right when we can determine through our profiling processes that their best option is to jump left. And when clients like these are resistant to hearing what we have to say, we have to get creative. Do otherwise and you fail in the long-term, along with the client.

With that in mind, we went all out to find the right employee for the profile. When we found our man, we realized we’d just brought the client the best of both worlds. We had looked at key members of their competition, and beyond, to cast the widest net possible and located Lou, a Logistics expert and Product Developer who was working in a company which had a history of NOT appreciating its workers.

We carefully coached Lou in presenting himself as a Product Development professional – to mention his Logistical expertise, but to stay focused on Product Development in his interviews with senior management. Lou impressed management to the point that the client was willing to design a new position to help the company streamline production. Although it was considered part of Product Development, it actually consisted of 80% Logistics.

Lou was extremely satisfied with the combined nature of his new position, and our client was also satisfied that it had successfully acquired both the Product Development help it needed and the Logistics help it came to recognize it needed as well. Lou enabled the client to acquire several Big Box accounts such as Costco and Walmart and increase the company’s bottom line by over 20% – now that’s creating change!

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