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Project Description

Transforming a Company With a Strong Hire


Client: A $32 million private company with a culture resistant to change needed to improve the quality and speed of its product development.

Office: New York

Challenge: Client had to improve in area of product development but its culture favored previous ways of doing things over innovation. Would the company accept David, a talented change agent who had proven himself in some of the best product development companies to date?

Hiring Solutions Group (HSG): Being involved with the company and the new hire week in and week out to help strengthen a challenged relationship is what we do best. Through our Onboarding and Long Term Support techniques, we provided the support necessary for both the company and David to successfully develop the new relationship and help both adjust to the change in culture that was taking place.


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Selected from over 52 candidates, David was one of the best and the brightest with references from everyone, including key Microsoft executives. He was invited to join the client as a change agent, with the goal of creating a system in a company where there had never before been a strong one.

Listening to the client in a few brief meetings, David knew exactly what the company needed. But would the company support his genius? Selling a candidate to a company is a major step in the hiring process, but continued selling is often needed in order for a company and/or new employee to fully accept each other. Because we were had workd with both David and our client long enough to be considered trusted advisers, we were able to ensure that David’s ideas got a fair hearing.

Less than 45 days in, David had a test unit in his hands which would have normally taken six months to develop. The product was far ahead of the curve in material, design, and usability. The client was thrilled, and the doors of change flew open.

Soon thereafter David attended a professional conference and, predictably, received several job offers from competitors. My job was not only bringing him to the client, but keeping him there. This is where our long-term support kicked in, and we were able to keep David in this position, as well as increase his enthusiasm and loyalty to his new employer.

The owner loved the financial results of a good change agent. With our counsel, he developed new processes that supported the cultural changes needed to retain David and people like him.

David’s product won awards, and his success has permeated the company. Certain people create changes and the company follows. David created just the change the company needed.

David is part of the new generation of Purple Squirrels in the workplace. These are the people we follow, develop relationships with, and successfully place.

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