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Project Description

Try, Try, and Try Again!


Client: A $27 million private company looking to expand into new market via acquisition.

Challenge: The best candidate for the position worked for a competitor and was quite content to stay there. Our job was to convince him that we had an opportunity worth moving to another company for.

Hiring Solution: Slow and steady relationship building over nine months brought Peter aboard our client to his “Dream Job.” We offered him the opportunity to create a plan for the client’s new business directly upon hire and to work the plan until it was right for both him and the company.


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Our client was losing ground to dollar store manufacturers in their niche business. They considered buying a small distributor, but knew they needed a top marketing executive to help them figure it out. They thought competitors would never speak to us, but we convinced them that a quality candidate from a competitor would be an ideal person for entering this new market, and we assured them we would find one.

They said, “Find us that person!”

We contacted Peter over the course of nine months. He took my first call, listened carefully, and politely said, “I’m not interested. I have family and friends here and …” I called him every week for the next 11 weeks, each time leaving him a carefully worded message until he finally said “OK, let’s go to lunch.”

My client and I went a few hundred miles to visit him. For the next 3 1/2 hours, we had a real heart-to-heart talk. We asked his advice and sincerely told him that we needed his expertise. I told Peter that this new venture was going to be his “baby” and offered him the opportunity to develop a marketing plan for the new business prior to hire.

Being at the intersection of great ideas and great people is awesome for us, but creating a strategy for it all to come together is a great high for everyone.

Peter told me that no one ever gave him so much attention in his entire career. Less than three months after Peter joined the company he helped his new employer win the most prestigious award in the industry, unprecedented in its 80+ year history, and he went on to manage and market the newly acquired business with great success.

Peter later told me we had the wrong name for our company… it should have been called “Dream Jobs”… because we created a dream for him.

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